Blocked Paywalls

Open-Sourced by HackerNoon

Because F*ck PayWalls


The Chrome browser plugin to remove paywalled content from Google search results.

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A free Internet is a better Internet. This Chrome browser plugin removes paywalled content from Google search results.

If you don’t want to pay for the story, the headline shouldn’t be an option. The business model of paywalls—i.e. annoy the user with a bait-and-switch ad a hundred times, when they convert and pay every month until they die—hinders the internet’s ability to be a free and open experience. Hacker Noon believes that if the user doesn’t want to run into a paywall, they should be able to filter paywalled content out of its search results and newsfeeds. This plugin removes known paywalled sites from your Google results.

The Free Internet Plugin is open sourced on Hacker Noon’s github. Suggestions to improve the plugin are much appreciated! If you’d like to support the development THE FREE INTERNET PLUGIN, you can donate here.